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Why I Wanna Be A Millionaire, And What I’m Gonna Do About It

Why I Wanna Be A Millionaire, And What I'm Gonna Do About It

I’ve thought a lot about why I want to become a millionaire, but I can’t seem to define a concrete reason.

I don’t think it’s so that I can flaunt the wealth, and laugh at everyone who hasn’t reached this goal. I don’t think I’ll live a more posh lifestyle. And I don’t think it’ll make me stuck up or high-maintenance – at least I sure hope not!

However, for some reason, it IS something I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime.

Maybe I just like the fact that it’ll take a lot of focus, energy, and concentration to reach the goal. It’ll give me something to look forward to – a bit of purpose, perhaps. However, I don’t want this to be the defining moment in my life. After all, I’ve name this site MORE than Finances for a reason. Maybe this blog will serve as an outlet for discovering that reason, and it that sense it’ll be therapeutic and satisfying.

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Therefore, to help keep myself accountable and stay motivated, I’ve joined a group of bloggers who have a similar goal. The group is known as . . . the Million Dollar Club!

Everybody in the club has made a list of actions we must take and decisions we must make to reach our goals. So, in order for me to earn a million dollars, I will:

    • Max out my 401k and Roth IRA
    • Live frugally, but not cheaply
    • Avoid excess materialism
    • Pursue multiple streams of income
    • Continually educate myself to increase my skill-set
    • Work hard, yet not obsess over money
    • Think long and hard before taking on debt
    • Avoid get-rich-quick schemes
    • And ENJOY the journey!

So there’s my list. Check out J. Money’s blog to see the rest of the group!

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