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What You Need to Know Before Venturing in Forex Trading

The forex trading market has been in existence since the invention of modern currency. However, it was not until a few years ago when Forex hit the Singapore markets. Today, the online foreign exchange world is evolving rapidly with new brokers venturing into the market every day. While there is great potential in the forex industry, it also comes with numerous risks. Here are tips to help Singaporeans benefit from foreign currency exchange without incurring losses.

Overlook the Hype

Many Singapore traders are likely to get influenced by all the hype that comes with forex. Many beginners think that making money is as easy as placing one trade. While this is what many seasoned brokers make it seem easy, this is far from the truth.

The forex trading market presents traders with lots of potential. However, it takes patience, discipline, preparation, and lots of practice to achieve success. If you’re considering venturing into the SG forex market, do it with a balanced and rational mindset. You want to outline your goals and lay down a strategy to help you accomplish them. Listening to the hype will result in losses and hurt in the end. 

Risk only what you’re Comfortable Losing

Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader in Singapore, no one is immune to losses. Before you can risk money in the forex market, you want to be sure that you are comfortable losing the money. Use the money you would otherwise spend on luxury things such as a vacation.

Never invest the money saved for emergency purposes in the Forex market. Always remember that a big percentage of money invested in the forex market results in losses. Investing money intended for a family emergency can have adverse and irreversible effects. 


When it comes to forex trading, the importance of research can’t be overemphasized. You can’t afford to venture into the risky and unstable forex market without sufficient information. You want to read everything about the evolution of Forex and its progress so far. Join various networks especially on social media platforms and watch what other traders are saying.

Find out their best practices and seek their recommendations in terms of the best forex services and tools. Find out the best tips regarding predicting the forex market movement and understand how to monitor the charts. From your findings, identify your weaknesses and strengths, and find out how you can use them to your advantage. 

Exercise Calmness

The forex market can trigger greediness. Traders should, however, remember that the forex market is overly big and no single organization or person can influence it. Avoid being overly emotional with your trades even when you have a continuous winning streak.

The situation can change instantly. Being too anxious or excited will have an impact on your trading principles causing you to take risks you wouldn’t have taken in the first place. You want to take it a step at a time, appreciate your successful trades, and stick to your strategy.

Don’t put all Your Eggs in One Basket

Experts in the forex market always advise against putting all of your eggs in one basket. In this case, you can only risk a specific percentage of your total investment per trade to be on the safe side. The traders can identify the ideal percentage depending on how much they can lose comfortably.

Regardless of the percentage you choose, you should put loss into consideration. Ask yourself whether your account would survive in the event of a loss. Trade smaller trades and incorporate take profits and stop losses. Whatever you do, avoid greediness and never attempt to offset your losses.

Allow losses to be and avoid extending your stop-loss expecting the market to shift because it rarely does. While you may want to trade a single currency, experts advise against it. You need to expand your risks both in currencies and trades. 


The forex market is big and promises large and fast returns on trade. However, you need to exercise caution, remain calm, and stick to the plan to avoid losses. Addressing forex trading with caution helps you learn about the boundless potential of the Forex markets.

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