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What Are the Various Colors of Diamonds?

diamond-1839031_640They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they don’t always remember that diamonds come in different colors, and some girls are going to love certain diamonds while they are not going to fall head over heels in love with others. In fact, if you’re ever wondering about the different colors of diamonds and how color grading works, you’ve certainly found the right place.

To help our readers better understand diamond colors and grading, we will explain the most used grading scale to you below. Get a good understanding of how the scale works so you can use it to choose the perfect diamond the next time you have to buy one as a gift, an engagement ring, or for any other reason.

Diamond Grade D-F: Colorless

This particular diamond grade is the range you’re going to buy if you’re willing to shell out the biggest amount of money in order to purchase diamonds. When a diamond is part of grade D, E, and F, you know that you actually have a colorless diamond on your hands.

What’s the value in a colorless diamond? The value comes from the clarity and crystal-clear perfection. When light reflects off of a colorless diamond, you will not see any colorful shades in the reflection. These are the most expensive, highly sought after, and rare diamonds on the planet today.

Diamond Grade G-J: Near Colorless

Near colorless diamonds may not be as rare as their colorless counterparts, but they are also less expensive and more people are going to end up buying them since the average person cannot afford or will not pay for the very expensive colorless options. Plus there are subtle differences in these diamonds as opposed to colorless ones that will show that there is a tiny reflection of colored light in the diamond face. But it’s really hard to notice the color unless you’re actually looking at it under a microscope or some other type of magnification.

Diamond Grade K-M: Faint Color

Diamonds that fall under the grades K, L, and M obviously have a very faint color to them. But these diamonds are different than the near colorless options because you will be able to notice the faint color if you look at it with some type of magnification. Actually, faint color diamonds are the most popular. They are more affordable yet very close to colorless, which is why many people tend to buy them.

Diamond Grade N-R: Very Light Color

Diamonds that contain a very light color seem to be the least popular out of all the choices. They have a very noticeable color tint to them, which often turns people off because they are not completely filled with color.

Diamond Grade S-Z: Light Color

While most people would not buy diamonds in this range, you will find a select few who want a yellow diamond or a brown diamond or any other colored diamond. So this grade of diamonds actually sells better than very light color diamonds believe it or not.

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