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Top 12 Ways To Save Money During Your Divorce Process

Divorce, many people hear this word with a sinking heart. And there are certain reasons for this. Everyone at least once heard from a friend or colleague about how he went through a terrible dissolution of marriage, losing all financial means and strength. Divorce can really be exhausting, because of lengthy court sessions spouses get tired emotionally and lose a lot of money. That is why the question of saving money in the process of marriage termination is very relevant.

Of course, each couple has its own circumstances and life experience, which led to the desire to end the marriage, and accordingly, the steps of divorce will be different. But Myventurepad along with tried to collect basic tips that will be useful to everyone about how to save money during marriage termination.


  1. Make planning. First of all, you must clearly plan how your divorce will take place, this will allow you not to take unnecessary steps and not spend extra funds on them. In addition, if you follow a clear plan and think through all your actions in advance, this will help you to avoid various surprises in the process of divorce, so that you will save not only your financial resources but also your internal strength.
  2. Decide on the type of divorce. An uncontested divorce, regardless of the state, is always significantly cheaper than a contested one. Because in the process of contested divorce, the spouses have to pay for expensive lawyer’s services in order to resolve all their controversial issues. In this case, the more controversial issues exist, the more expensive a divorce will be. In an uncontested divorce, things are different. Spouses solve all differences peacefully and often they do not even need the help of a lawyer.
  3. Find a great lawyer. Good services cannot be cheap. In case if a divorce is contested it may happen that by hiring a cheap lawyer you will spend much more money than if you would ask for help from a specialist with a higher hourly rate. The fact is that often expensive lawyers are more competent since they have a huge experience of success in divorce cases.
  4. Work on a compromise or even settlement agreement. Of course, you may disagree with the opinion of your spouse, but the willingness to sacrifice any convictions to achieve peace plays a key role in how quickly and painlessly the divorce will go and how much it will cost.
  5. Do paperwork by yourself. If you are ready for uncontested divorce, you need to prepare all the necessary forms, but not always this requires the services of a lawyer. You can prepare papers through special online services that will select and fill out all the necessary forms. In any case, it will be cheap than a lawyer’s services. You can even fill out all the forms yourself, having first understood the legislation, it is absolutely legal and does not require any financial expenses.
  6. Refrain from emotional purchases. Many people feel depressed and overwhelmed during the divorce. As a result, they make various rash and emotional purchases in order to stifle internal pain and overcome the crisis. For example, a new car bought during the divorce period will clearly be excess, as well as 3 new designer dresses.
  7. When you file documents with the court, you must pay a court fee. But the court may waive it if you can provide proof that your financial situation does not allow you to pay that amount. This is permitted in all states.
  8. Do not spend money on free services. Let’s suppose your divorce is contested and you and your spouse use the services of lawyers. If you have a common savings account and you are going to divide it, you do not need to spend time and money so that your lawyer can request a statement from the lawyer of your spouse, because you can get this document yourself right in the bank. In addition, if you are responsible for any monthly payments, you can access all the necessary receipts, without having to contact your spouse’s lawyer.
  9. Take care of your own financial safety cushion. If you are in the situation when your spouse controls the main financial flows in the family, then you need to think about creating your own savings, this will help not to get into loans during the divorce process.
  10. No need to fight for unnecessary things. Often there are situations when in the process of divorce one spouse wants to take revenge on the second and tries to take away all his property. For example, during the division of property, you do not have to fight for your husband’s grandmother’s coffee table, which you never liked, just to get revenge on your spouse. You will spend extra money and time, but you will not get any benefits.
  11. Do not avoid your lawyer and conduct an open dialogue. If you hired a specialist who will represent your interests in the process of divorce, you must clearly understand what he is going to do and what his strategy is. Also, do not hesitate to consult with a lawyer on what services you can save during the dissolution of the marriage.
  12. Subscribe to various bloggers in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks that talk about divorce. Some of them are a lawyer with good practice, someone has gone through the process of divorce and knows a lot of nuances. Thanks to their information, it is also possible to single out for yourself useful secrets and to go deeper into the understanding of the divorce process, which will avoid various mistakes and unnecessary costs.


The dissolution of marriage is rarely easy. It is especially difficult to live it out emotionally, even if there is no enmity between the spouses. But very often, under emotions, people are able to commit illogical actions that lead to a negative result, including excessive waste of money. Therefore, it is important to initially consider the plan of the divorce, maybe even to make it in writing. And follow this plan, not giving free rein to the raging emotions.










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