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Sustainability tips for your small business

Starting your very own business from scratch means that you have a huge amount of responsibility on your shoulders. From sourcing your products and your own equipment to creating a logo and a company ethos, not forgetting creating content for your website and managing it well – click here for Umbraco Support

But the responsibility of the environment is probably something you haven’t considered. We all need to be doing our bit to save the planet, and that includes fledgeling businesses just like yours. Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think to go green and be a sustainable business. You can even save your business money by switching to a greener approach. Want to know more? Read on for sustainability tips for your small business. 

Go paperless

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If you’re a small business, then going paperless is going to be incredibly easy for you. Which is great news for the environment (and your wallet). Who needs a filing cabinet when you have a digital one right in front of you? Keep on top of your calendar with meetings and important dates stored (with reminders) on your computer system, forget letters and switch to emails and personal calls instead. If you do hold meetings – make them virtual! Here are some options: Suffolk County Virtual Office Space. Advertising online is much better for the environment than using traditional printed methods, and it’s potentially more effective too. 

Remember to turn off your machines

Printers, laptops, lights, chargers and even your coffee machine. All of these items use energy, even if they’re not in use. It’s much kinder to the environment if you always turn these things off at the mains when you’re not using them. You’ll save money on your electricity bill too. Whether you’re working from home or in a small office, encourage everyone to do this.

Get your employees to help

Instead of providing plastic cups for the water cooler or providing a vending machine that produces plastic cups of coffee, encourage your employees to bring in reusable water bottles, and their own coffee mugs. Provide proper crockery and cutlery in the breakroom and ensure any plastic waste is recycled where possible.

Try to work with local vendors

If you have a canteen or you purchase products to sell, then consider using local vendors to help cut carbon emissions. From local food from the farmers market to products just a few hundred miles away rather than on the other side of the world. Where possible, stick with local vendors. 

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