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Investment Due Diligence: Is Harbor City Capital Legitimate?

Any major purchase or investment in life requires due diligence.  Common sense tells us that before making a major commitment – whether it’s buying a car, investing in real estate, or purchasing stock shares, it’s important to research the product thoroughly so that you know exactly what to expect.

The same sentiment can be applied to investors who are willing to do their research before committing to an investment. The purpose of investment due diligence is to confirm the investor’s initial understanding of the investment opportunity, working to understand the terms in order to evaluate the opportunity and identify risks and uncertainties.

For investors who want to tap into a substantial investment of time, capital, and expertise without the upfront costs of doing it themselves, Harbor City Capital Corp., a company that promises the aforementioned points, is an alternative investment firm that specializes in digital marketing arbitrage (DMA).  The company was founded by American entrepreneur JP Maroney, who over the course of his career has started a variety of business ventures.

Harbor City Capital discovered a unique investment opportunity in the $200 billion internet advertising sector through providing bridge funding for digital campaigns which consistently generate 20%-45% returns in 90 days or less.

In a press release, Harbor City Capital explains one of the bond opportunities offered by the company.

“The internet advertising market is a niche goldmine growing at a staggering annual compound growth rate of 40%. Our collateralized guarantee when fund­ing such campaigns provides investors a safe way to earn 18% annual yield with monthly cash flow.”

JP Maroney goes on to say, “This one-of-a-kind high yield bond allows diversification across multiple verticals within a top-growing sector of a recession-resistant market, and is, without a doubt, a lucrative opportunity for accredited investors of all sizes and trading proficiency.”

For investors out there who are considering this opportunity and who are wondering, “is Harbor City Capital legitimate?” there are some ways to evaluate an opportunity like Harbor City or any other investment.

For example, David Menna has a broad portfolio of many types of investments.  He explains why he feels Harbor City Capital is legitimate.

“They have to do their research. I don’t think anything that I can, one thing that I can say is really going to tip the scales. Do your due diligence on the Harbor City bonds and you have to know about the technology and the industry that Harbor City is in,” he says.

With any type of investment, there is going to be certain type of documents and regulations that the investment on the other side has to meet when they’re advertising.  David Menna mentions some more factors to examine.

“Are they legally compliant? Are they up to date with their due diligence? If they’re sloppy on that side of their business, that’s a red flag for me because they’re not taking it seriously. They haven’t built the infrastructure of their investment correctly and it’s just really important to have legality, paperwork and all that straight,” he says.

Whether you are choosing Harbor City Capital or doing your investment due diligence when it comes to stocks or real estate, investment properties, there’s a lot of moving parts.

Harbor City Capital has managed to find new ways for investors to get results and pay a fixed price per lead that they can scale as big as they want.  Strategic investments in technology, testing, an expert professional team, and lead data have given Harbor City Capital an edge over its competitors and created a substantial barrier to entry for others.

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