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Are you an avid investor? What are some of your favorite investments right now? If you can name 3 or 4 of your investments off the top of your head (specifically), then I would classify you as a serious investor. What is your ultimate goal? Are you simply looking to retire when you’re old and frail? Or do you have plans to retire early? Whatever the case may be, let’s take a look at a wide variety of investment options that will help you in your quest for earning more money!

1)      Checking Account – You might think that it’s odd for me to start out with “checking account” as an investment, but there are quite a few credit unions out there that are offering 3% or 4% just for having money in a checking account! Now that’s some pretty easy money with very little risk.

2)      Company 401(k) – Does your company currently offer a 401(k) fund? Do they match your investment? If they do, I would strongly recommend investing since they’re basically giving you free money toward your retirement!

3)      Foreign Currency – You can either choose to invest in the market to purchase your foreign currencies, or you can actually purchase money from another country whose economy seems much more stable than ours. It might not make you a ton of money, but it’s a good hedge in the event that our economy goes belly-up.

4)      Junk Silver – Did you know that the US quarter used to be made out of mostly silver before 1965? If you would like to invest in silver and actually have some in your hand, try to get your hands on these quarters. Instead of being valued at $0.25, they’re actually worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 per quarter.

5)      Spread Betting – While spread betting is quite risky, it’s definitely fun, especially if you know what you’re doing and can make some money at it. If spread betting is not legal in your country, you can most likely get away with CMC CFDs.

6)      Real Estate – This is actually one of my favorite forms of investing. It does cost quite a lot of money upfront, but if the value of your properties rise while you’re also earning a positive cash flow, your overall earnings per year are quite large! The trick, of course, is to find good renters, which can be tough. But, if you can attract those that are diligent in making their monthly payments, renting out properties is heavenly.

These are some great ways to increase the value of your portfolio. Keep in mind though, that not all big purchases are classified as investments. For instance, your house that you live in – that is NOT an investment. While it may increase in value each year, it is also quite a large expense when the roof leaks or you need to repair your furnace. Also, your car is not an investment either, it is actually a depreciating asset. Once you drive it off the lot, it is typically worth less than the instant you bought it. While cars are necessary, you’ll definitely want to limit your spending on them since the value continues to go down each year.

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