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Debunking 6 Common Excuses People Give Not to Travel

You were blessed with a human brain that can rationalize situation or circumstance. If you are looking for reasons to do or not to do anything, you will find them. The reasons don’t have to be compelling for you to believe them.
Some of the stories you’ve created in your head to rationalize not doing some of the things you should be doing will sound crazy to a second party, but you believe the stories as though they were gospel truth. The same applies to the excuses people usually give for not taking the time to tour this beautiful world. 
Below are 7 common excuses people give not to travel and reasons why their excuses are actually totally invalid. 

“I can’t Afford to Travel”

We’ve all heard this excuse. You may have said it at some point in time. The truth is that any employed person can find money to travel if they really care about traveling. If traveling is really important to you, you will find the money to fund your adventures.
Travel costs as much as you spend on nights out with your friends in a month plus the small treats you give yourself in the form of new designer clothes, ice cream and inflated car payments for a luxury car you don’t need.
If you really are on a tight budget and you want to travel, you need to take a hard look at where your money is going and start cutting out the expenditures you can live without. If you save $1,500 a year for travel, you’ve put aside enough money for a return flight to an exotic destination not far from where you live and enough to have fun for a few days at the destination.

“I Don’t Have the Time”

This is just as a good an excuse at the I can’t afford to travel’ excuse. It an excuse standing on stilts and will stumble as soon as it is bombarded with facts. The person saying that they don’t have time to travel is probably saying that they are preoccupied with work and can’t take time off.
The reality is that taking time off actually helps with productivity. Working non-stop without resting is bad for both your health and the bottom line. The better rested you are, the higher the quality of work you produce and the faster you can get projects completed. 
Further, the average workplace gives its workers two weeks of paid vacation. To not take full advantage of this opportunity when you’ve fully earned it is to cut yourself short, even though about 54 percent of people don’t do it
Vacation time is your right as an employee. No one can fire you because you decided to use what is your right. 

“I Don’t Want to Travel Alone”

Okay, I get it. Traveling solo when it is your first trip can be frightening. Nonetheless, there are workarounds to this problem if you can’t find anyone to go on vacation with you.
The most obvious solution is to join a group that is part of a packaged trip. Such travel packages usually have itineraries mapped out and accommodations arranged. All you have to do is join other people who’ve bought the package and you are good to go. If you book with a local travel agency, you will be traveling with people from your city and you won’t feel lonely any more.
That said, solo travel is also fun. More and more people are choosing to hit the road on their own. According to a 2015 Visa Global Intentions Study, up to 37 percent of first time travelers are solo travelers. You will be in good company when you finally hit the road. 
If you stay at a resort or hostel where guests interact with each other, you can strike up a conversation with one of the solo travelers and you’ll end up with a reliable travel buddy.

“I Have a Small Kid, It Won’t Be Fun”

That’s a total lie and you know it. Having a small kid won’t ruin your travel experience. It might actually make it even more fun. Kids have a way of bringing joy even to the dullest of situations. As long as you choose activities and resorts that are kid friendly, you will be fine, just avoid those adults-only spots
You won’t have any problems with your kid during your travels as long as you keep them engaged and entertained. Since you are traveling with a kid, don’t be selfish and go on a vacation that only an adult would enjoy. There are several child-friendly travel spots and destinations around the world.

“My Partner Doesn’t Like to Travel”

Look here, friend. You are responsible for your own happiness. To postpone your life because the person you are with right now doesn’t want to do the things you want to do is doing both you and your partner a great disservice. 
See, when you do what you love, you become happier. When you become happier, you gift your lover a better partner to spend time with.

“Someday, I’ll Get Around to It”

It’s hard to escape the Someday I’ll Island. The island is surrounded by the greatest excuses that have ever been conjured by the greatest procrastinators to ever grace the island. 
The more you stay in the island, the harder it becomes to leave. Your only hope of escaping is to break the spell that has been cast upon you. How do you break the spell? You take action today and book a flight instead of hoping that someday you’ll get around to doing it.
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