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Beginners Guide – What You Should Know Before Start Trading

Trading the capital markets is a business. Like any business you want to determine if you have an edge and exploit that edge using research and intuition.  You want to have a strategy that can help you generate consistent profit and avoid letting your emotions get to you. Before you start trading, you should go through a checklist of items that will allow you to create a consistent trading track record.

What You Need to Know Before You Risk Capital

When you trade, you will be risking capital, and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with your strategy before you start.  You also want to make sure that you trust your broker and believe that they have your best interest at heart.  A broker will facilitate your trading, allow you to transact. They will also have a platform which you need to evaluate before you deposit your money. The first step should be to read several reviews about brokers. Find a broker that trades several different types of assets including the assets you plan to trade.  Retail brokers generally offer forex currency pairs as well as Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on commodities, indices and shares.  Make sure the broker you choose is regulated.  If there is no oversight you will have no recourse if the brokers take off with your money.

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You should test drive several different platforms. Whether its with small amounts of real capital or using a demonstration account, understanding exactly what you are trading is tantamount to success. If you make a mistake with the execution of a trade, you should correct it immediate and not wait to see if you can scratch out a gain.  It’s also important that you evaluate the different features that are offered including a financial calendar, educational material, and news.

Plan Out a Trading Strategy

The process of developing a trading strategy is an iterative process. You will unlikely find the strategy that you will use for years within the first few days of trading.  You want to match your trading personality with your strategy. Its very hard to follow a strategy that makes you feel very uncomfortable. If trading keeps you up at night because you do not believe in your strategy its time to find a new methodology.

There are several types of trading strategies. Some include following news releases while others forecast future prices changes based on what has happed in the past.  You can also use a combination of techniques.  Some traders will back-test their strategies based on past results. While past results are no guarantee of future performance, many believe that the past repeats and back-tested results will continue to perform in the same manner.


Before you make a deposit into a brokerage account, there are several things you should know before you pull the trigger. Make sure you trust your broker. Perform some due diligence before you open an account. A broker that is regulated is generally more trustworthy than one that is not.  Formulate a strategy and treat trading the markets like a business.  If you take trading seriously and work hard at developing a technique, you can be successful at generating returns over a significant period.


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