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The Art of Writing Dispute Credit Letters

Many power users of credit have black marks in their history. When they show up, you need to know how to knock them off your credit report. Therefore, learning how to write a dispute credit letter is essential to repairing your credit.

You need to know exactly who to contact, how to frame your argument and what credit report errors are more important than others. Identity theft is very common and it is vital that you jump into action at the first sign that someone may have stolen your info. With those types of errors on your credit report, you are going to writing plenty of dispute credit letters. That is exactly what this post is for.

Know How Mistakes Happen

Furnisher Error

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The banks, loan institutions and collection agencies that are considered “data furnishers” for credit reports are all staffed by human beings. Which is to say, they are not perfect. Errors made by data furnishers, such as attributing a missed payment to your report that was in fact missed by someone else, actually do happen.

Mixed files

Someone with the same name or a similar name may have their credit actions show up on your report. Be on the lookout for those types of screw-ups

Identity Theft

If someone has stolen your Social Security number and opened up a credit card in your name or applied for a loan, that could end up on your report. You need to know how to craft dispute credit letters in order to combat ID theft.

Old Debts Popping Up

Collection notices are supposed to age off of your report seven years and 180 days after first being noted as delinquent. However, sometimes those debts can change hands to third-party agents, which can muck up the start date of collection notices. Keep a sharp eye out for debts that should be off your report by the letter of the law.

Writing Dispute Credit Letters

There are a few hard & fast rules you want to follow:

Be clear and direct. Know exactly what you want to dispute and how you are going to go about it, before you even start writing. Spell out exactly what is inaccurate about the mistake on your credit report, so the credit bureau you are contacting has the right info. Provide a fix for the mistake.

Don’t start spouting off about federal statutes. The credit bureaus know the laws backwards and forwards. Just stating that you want to initiate a dispute is enough.

Be sure to include your return address. You need the bureaus to send their response to the correct place so you can respond in kind.

Send it by certified mail. Dispute credit letters need have documentation that they reached the right place at the right time.

Provide copies of documents that support your claim. Do Not Send Originals! They can get lost easily.

Be Wary of Credit Repair Companies

Especially ones that claim a guaranteed 100-point rise in your credit score. No company can make claims like that happen and such claims are illegal. Most typical errors can be fixed by writing dispute credit letters, filled with the correct information and making your care politely and concisely.

Utilizing a credit repair company may be necessary if there are errors or items on your credit report that require an additional dash of expertise and experience. Large, complicated identity theft cases, perhaps or a messy divorce settlement.

The bottom line is, learning how to write dispute credit letters is important for the health of your credit report and the fullness of your bank account. It is a very important skill to learn.

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